We take consignment by appointment only. You receive 40% of the selling price. For your convenience, you can drop off your clothes any day during the week of your appointment. You can come in the store (face coverings required) or use our curbside drop-off service. You don't have to wait while we review your clothes.

We accept premium brand children's clothes (newborn to size 14**) and shoes (up to 4.5 youth girls and 5.5 youth boys) and maternity clothes. We also accept baby wearing gear and diaper bags in like-new condition. All items must be clean and in excellent condition. We make our selections based on brand, condition, current trends and customer demand. **If you have larger sizes to sell, contact our sister store Ashby.

We accept items by season: January–June=spring/summer (including Easter clothes and swimwear), July–December=fall/winter (including holiday and winter gear).  

Brands our customers love

Do you have cloth diapers to sell? We buy diapers for resale. You can choose cash and receive 30% of the price or 50% as store credit. Call 804-355-3517 for more information.

**Please read these guidelines in full before scheduling your appointment.**

  1. We currently are taking the BEST OF SPRING/SUMMER, including lightweight sweaters and jackets/raincoats, Easter and swimwear.) Sorting Tip: If you wouldn’t buy the item in its current condition, our customers probably won’t want it either, so add it to your donation pile. 
    ➡ All items must be clean/freshly laundered and free of stains, odors and holes. Check zippers and buttons. Keep sets together.
    ➡ We do not sell secondhand undergarments, socks, dance/gymnastics gear or cleats.
    ➡ We do not sell secondhand toys, books, bedding or furniture.

  2. Schedule your appointment online. (We no longer take appointments over the phone.) Your appointment will be scheduled for a Sunday, but you can drop off any day during that week, Sunday to Saturday. If you're a new consignor, we'll email you our contract to review and sign. (We cannot review and process your clothes without a signed contract.)

  3. Drop off 1-2 containers or tote bags (no garbage bags, please) any day during the week of your appointment. In fairness to other consignors, we strictly enforce 1-2 containers/bags and reserve the right to either turn away additional items or ask you to sort your items on the spot to ensure we are receiving your "best of the best".

  4. Upon review, we will text you the number of items we can sell and the date you need to pick up your passes if you do not want them donated. (We give our clothes to local nonprofits and Richmond Public Schools.)

  5. Sit back and let your items make you $$. We set the price based on style, brand and condition. Typically your clothes sell at full price for the first 30 days then marked down 50% for the rest of your consignment period. We reserve the right to discount or donate your clothes without notice if they are damaged or out of season before your consignment period ends. We also reserve the right to temporarily discount or include your clothes in “special offers,” in store or online, at our discretion and without prior notice, if it will give your clothes a greater chance to sell. Items that do not sell are donated.

  6. We pay by check or store credit upon request. Feel free to call any time to check on your account. We recommend you wait at least 30 days after your appointment to give your clothes a chance to sell. 

  7. You are responsible for tracking and collecting items you do not want donated. Given the volume of consignors and inventory we work with each season, we are unable to call you when your consignment period ends or collect your clothes from the sales floor before they are donated. We are proud to work with Richmond Public Schools and social workers who distribute our donations to local, at-risk families. At the end of the calendar year, you may request a list of your donated items for tax purposes. 

Questions? Call 804-355-3517 or email info@cloverkids.com.

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