We hope this information helps with your cloth diapering routine and these links connect you with other RVA parents and local resources. Happy Parenting!

New to cloth and planning a trip to Clover to see what we carry?
Here's some helpful information, so you know what to look for when you arrive and you're not overwhelmed by the lingo. (This information is available in the shop, too, or you can call 804-355-3517 and request an appointment with one of our knowledgeable sales associates.)

Helpful Cloth Diapering Videos
Cloth Diapering 101 Workshop
How to Prep and Strip Your Cloth Diapers
All About AIO and AI2 Diapers
How to Fold Prefold Cloth Diapers

How to Care for Your Diapers
How to prep your new diapers
Recommended laundry care

Local Resources**
Nurture: The OmMama RVA Resource Center & Host of the RVA Birth & Baby Fair
Richmond Mom Collective
Richmond MomNet
Richmond Postpartum/Mothering Circle
RVA Cloth Diapering Facebook Group
RVA Natural Mommas Facebook Group

RVA Moms (All Areas) Facebook Group
RVA Moms (Short Pump/West End) Facebook Group
Mocha Moms RVA Facebook Group
RVA Social Moms Facebook Group
Ask Midlothian Moms Facebook Group

Richmond Moms
RVA Breastfeeds

**Please note we don’t endorse any of these groups/resources or their content. They have been recommended by other parents, and we are passing them along to you with the simple idea that it takes a village to raise a happy and healthy child. Feel free to email us if you want to share a link that has made a positive difference in your life.